Protecting our water and maintaining the land

We must maximize the potential of our city’s green spaces by capturing storm-water runoff through the implementation of rain gardens and promote construction of permeable infrastructure. We need to invest in proactive measures to alleviate the future financial stress of updating our old storm-water infrastructure. Through public, private, and nonprofit collaboration, we can help transform our green spaces to better retain water, grow food, and provide a pleasant and healthy landscape for our community. Water is life, and we must protect it.

Happy and healthy neighborhoods

We must continue to strengthen local food production, and increase the amount of affordable community garden plots in our area. This movement has started off really well, and places like Wetherby Park have become beacons of health for families in the summer and fall months. We also need to continue to implement walking and biking infrastructure that meets the needs of our communities. I wish to fully implement the city’s Bicycle Master Plan, which will make roads safer for bikers, and also allow for better traffic flows.

Green jobs, green roofs

I moved to Iowa for a job in energy auditing and efficiency improvements, and I feel like this is where I can really help improve our community.

All TIF projects in the City should be LEED Silver Certified or better (with at least 8 points for Energy Performance credit). By using TIF to require green energy standards we are creating jobs and sustainable development while building a solid tax-base. With more environmentally friendly standards on new construction, we can develop a local, green-energy economy that encourages job training, education, and preparation on our environment, and its changes.

We should also be open to reexamining Iowa City’s policies on rooftop spaces. I would be happy to help encourage this dialogue around solutions in order to maximize the aesthetics and utility of these spaces–what a great place to grow food or flora, and provide entertainment!