Student & New Involvement

Localizing issues for new and shorter-term residents

We need to do everything we can to get students and new residents engaged in local politics. We need to get people registered to vote in their communities so that they are fully engaged in the space directly around them. Right now it seems as though so many people function within the city, but are unaware of what it has to offer. We also need more employment opportunities for students and newer residents so they can live here, thrive, and feel like they are truly a part of this community.

Providing community-boosting resources where we can

Wherever we can, we must provide mental health resources and resources for survivors of sexual and physical violence. We need to recognize the seriousness of these community threats and be able to take measurable steps forward at the city level now that state funding has cut programs like the Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline.

Collaborate on struggles that long-time residents, new residents, and students all face

Students and long-term residents alike have shared concern over cost of living, housing, food insecurity, and transportation, among many other issues. If we can collaborate and build bridges between currently disconnected segments of our community, we can tackle these issues together!